Learning Path Data Scientist - Specialization Data Engineer

As a Data Scientist moving towards Data Engineering, you are able to train, deploy, and maintain models while also knowing precisely how to access the data for those models from source systems. You are not dependent on a .csv file but can help build your dataset yourself. You are skilled in SQL, Python, and Spark for querying, transforming, analyzing, and implementing data in machine learning pipelines. You apply security principles, DevOps and MLOps, Git, and unit tests to ensure that your products are always safe, consistent, and maintainable.

What do you get?

  • Boost your knowledge and skills
  • Allows you to make a difference at your client/employer immediately
  • Helps improve your career opportunities

What do we ask?

  • Basic knowledge of programming, including Object Orientation
  • Basic knowledge of statistics

What will you be doing?

  • 30% Python, Pyspark & AI
  • 30% On-Premise and Cloud Data Solutions
  • 20% DataOps, MLOps, DevOps
  • 20% Software Development and Privacy & Security

Learning path

As a Data Scientist moving towards Data Engineering, you not only train machine learning models but also know how to make the data available for yourself and others.

  • Must have
  • Should have
  • Could have
  • Certificate
  • Must Have

    The knowledge and skills you need to participate in a project.

    Should have

    The knowledge and skills you should have (but are not necessary) before starting your first project.

    Could Have

    Other knowledge and skills that may be relevant to you, depending on the project.


    A certificate or exam you can obtain.

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