Mentored Learning

Open Learning Center Veenendaal

Open Learning Center Infrastructure and - Development

  • in our Open Learning Center in Veenendaal, you can practice with certain learning material
  • under the guidance of one of our teachers.
  • we facilitate an optimal learning environment and learning style that fits you.

Open Learning Center Infrastructure

In our Open Learning Center Infrastructure, you study the learning material from a Microsoft Infrastructure training course under the guidance of a certified trainer from Info Support.

Open Learning Center Development

In our Open Learning Center in Veenendaal, you can practice with certain learning material under the guidance of one of our teachers. We offer this in the format of hands-on labs and/or cases, but if you want to submit your own cases, that is of course also possible. The advantage for you is that the teacher can dive deeper into specific questions that you may have about the learning content in the Open Learning Center, and that you can practice with practical examples or assignments in a very f…

Advantages Open Learning Cente

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, here are six reasons to choose the Open Learning Center.

  • Flexible

    Choose your own dates.

    You are no longer dependent on a limited number of training start dates, you can choose the date that suits you best.

    Spread over time
    For classroom training, the dates are fixed, a five-day course starts on Monday and ends on Friday. But perhaps it is better for your work and knowledge acquisition to spread the course over 2 weeks or longer? This is possible.

  • Different times

    A classroom training starts at 9 am and ends at 4 pm. In the Open Learning Center, we can be a little more flexible within opening hours of the building. Lunch is included.

  • Start guarantee

    Classroom open schedule training requires a minimum number of participants to start. The Open Learning Center does not require a minimum number of participants.

  • You determine the pace

    You determine the pace, if you learn faster than average, you do not have to wait for fellow students or can finish that one exercise at an easy pace if you want to.

  • Personal customization

    If certain elements are less interesting to you, we will simply remove them from the program.

    Do you feel the need to draw out a specific subject because it is important to your organization? That is also possible.

  • Price advantage

    Training courses in Open Learning Center format have a lower price level than the same training in an open schedule classroom format.

More Information

Would you like to know more about our Open Learning Center? Don’t hesitate to call us for an obligation-free conversation!