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Mentored Learning in Veenendaal

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Open Learning Center Development

In our Open Learning Center in Veenendaal, you can practice with certain learning material under the guidance of one of our teachers.

We offer this in the format of hands-on labs and/or cases, but if you want to submit your own cases, that is of course also possible.

The advantage for you is that the teacher can dive deeper into specific questions that you may have about the learning content in the Open Learning Center, and that you can practice with practical examples or assignments in a very focused manner.

Our Open Learning Center offers you the following study styles:

  • Guided self-education

    You indicate which topics you want to look at in more detail.

    The teacher will support you with practical tips and/or assignments, which you can work out independently.

    He/she will then discuss the assignments with you.

  • Exam training

    With exam training you significantly increase your chances of passing an exam.

    You tell us which exam you want to prepare for and one of our (certified) teachers will guide you. He supports you with tips and test exams and provides extensive explanations about all aspects that can be discussed in the exam.

  • Cases

    Cases help you make good decisions about the design and construction of a complete application, database or network.

    The teacher guides you through the cases and discusses the products you have made with you. If desired, you will receive a ready-to-use elaboration from your teacher.

  • Hands-on Labs

    These are assignments that help you to dive into the material more practically and thus master the material better.

    After all, theoretical knowledge alone is no guarantee that you will be able to put what you have learned into practice. With the hands-on labs you can practice with specific products.

  • Infrastructure Open Learning Center

    Guaranteed start, maximum flexibility and a choice of various learning styles.

    In the Infrastructure Open Learning Center, you study the course material of a Microsoft Infrastructure training under the supervision of a certified Info Support trainer. We facilitate an optimal learning environment and learning style that suits you.

    Read more here: Open Learning Center Infrastructure.

More information

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