Classroom and/or remote

Hybrid training courses

Follow training in-class or remote. The choice is yours!

We organize a large portion of our training courses in hybrid form. Part of the participants is physically present in the classroom and another part virtually (live and online through Microsoft Teams).

During the training we make use of a 360 degree full HD camera, directional microphone and a digital board. This way you are also ‘close’ from a distance.

You make the choice that fits you best during the registration process. It is even possible to follow a number of days online and a few at our location. The choice is yours!

Remote training pros

  • You determine where you follow the training
  • Saves travel time
  • Use your own hardware and software

Classroom training pros

  • face-to-face interaction with trainer and fellow students
  • you are part of the group dynamic
  • we provide a fully equipped workplace with the appropriate hardware and software
  • enjoy the delicious lunch we serve during lunch break

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