Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment

Info Support Knowledge Center brings theory and practice together. This enables us to very well translate the practical roles required in an IT organization into a personal training plan. The advantage of this is that you and your employees learn exactly what is needed in practice. We work with our Skills and Knowledge Framework for this, based on the IST-SOLL methodology.

A Skills Assessment consists of the following steps:

  • Based on IT knowledge profiles we determine which IT roles match the goals of your organization or the intended position, and which knowledge and skills your employee must have.
  • Subsequently we inventory the knowledge level in an interview. That way we can determine what the available knowledge is and what training may be necessary to reach the desired level.
  • After this we make a personal training plan, in which the to be followed training courses/and or exercises in the format of guided self-education or cases are recorded.

Download the brochure ‘Skills Assessment’ here.

Need help with determining job/knowledge profiles?

Trainers from the Knowledge Center can provide support when drawing up job profiles for your IT employees. This can be done at department level or at project level. In mutual consultation, it is determined which technical knowledge is necessary for a specific position, for example for a project leader, administrator, developer or an architect. Based on this interview, a knowledge profile is drawn up on paper for each position. If necessary, we supplement this with an overview of training courses with which this knowledge can be acquired.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about a personal training plan for you or your employees? And/or do you need support in determining job/knowledge profiles?