A trainer/consultant from Info Support at your location

Ask-the-Expert is a training method that entails a trainer visiting your location to answer specific questions from your employees, tailored to your practice.

In the situations outlined, this method is much more efficient than following a multi-day training. Often half a day or one day is sufficient to answer all the questions that arise from a group of developers and then you can get back to work enthusiastically with the newly acquired knowledge.

Ask-the-Expert is in fact the ultimate form of customization, but in an accessible and efficient way.

More efficient training by focusing on gaps in knowledge

A training course does not always offer a solution. Sometimes there is already a lot of knowledge and experience, but there are still questions. In a case like that it is nice if, for example, a group of developers is given the opportunity to ask their questions to a trainer/consultant from Info Support. An Ask-the-Expert then provides a solution: an experienced trainer who comes and has an answer to all those questions.

Benefits of Ask-the-Expert:

  • Specific gaps in knowledge are filled.
  • Efficient way of training.

More information

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