Master Key Card Conditions

Master Key Card - Conditions

  • All our regular course conditions apply to the Master Key Card program, which can be downloaded from our website: General conditions.
  • The Master Key Card is valid for 1 year and starts automatically on the first day of the month in which the first day of the training course is planned, but no later than 2 months after signing the relevant quote. If the first scheduled training course is rescheduled or canceled, the original date will be the effective date of the Master Key Card. The start date of the last course must fall within the validity period of the Master Key Card. The start and end date of the Master Key Card cannot be changed.
  • Within the validity period and maximum number of available days of the Master Key Card, participants can choose from the training courses that Info Support offers in the open schedule.
  • The Master Key Card is only valid for training courses that are valid for courses provided by Info Support itself in the Netherlands or Belgium.
  • Only training courses from Info Support’s Open Schedule can be followed. It is not possible to follow courses in modules.
  • Participants are expected to keep track of the number of days on the Master Key Card themselves. If there are not enough days days left on a Master Key Card to cover all days of a training course, a new Master Key Card must be purchased, or an invoice will be sent for the days that are not covered by the Master Key Card. The number of available days on the Master Key Card is checked at the time of invoicing.
  • Rights associated with the Master Key Card may not be combined with other offers or discounts.
  • The Master Key Card is company specific and not transferable to other companies.
  • When registering for a training course, the card number must be stated to prevent a separate invoice from being sent.
  • Info Support reserves the right to withdraw the Master Key Card immediately if misuse is suspected. This means that all rights to entitlement to use the Master Key Card expire without any obligation from Info Support.

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Do you have questions regarding the conditions of our Master Key Business Card? Don’t hesitate to contact us.