Privacy Statement (English)

Privacy Statement
We, the Info Support Knowledge Center, process your personal data. We register data we receive from you or your employer. Examples are when we receive data when you visit our website, when you register for a training or our newsletter or when you contact us by email. We are and feel responsible and want you to experience we respect your privacy. We do that, among others, by informing you in this statement.

Storage of your data
We collect and store the following personal data:
• Name (first name and last name), address and other contact data.
• Data about the training you register for, including payment data.
• Your feedback on the training and additional information you provide.
• Personal data related to your training, like attendance, training results and whether the training was concluded with a positive result.

Use of your data
We process your personal data for the following purposes:
• Registration and administrative handling of your participation in the selected training.
• Provide the selected training.
• Perform analyses to improve our services.
• Advice you on possible subsequent training.
• Inform you about our services and products.
• Send you requested documents or information, or answers to your questions.

Transfer of data to third parties
We transfer your data to our (training) partners when you register for a training where that partner provides the training or location. The name of that partner is mentioned in the description of the training. The data you provided on registration will be shared with our (training) partner.

Visiting the website
Info Support makes use of cookies on her websites. For detailed information on the use of cookies on our websites see our Cookie Statement

Newsletter and mailing list
Our (Dutch) Knowledge center Newsletter keeps you informed about the latest on IT training. We only add your email address to our mailing list with your permission. Every newsletter you receive will incorporate a means to unregister or to update your preferences or email address.

Social media
Info Support uses social media to keep you informed on the latest trends and developments regarding our services.
You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Info Support does not introduce extra conditions on the use of social media. You only agree to the conditions of the specific social media platform. When you contact us through social media we will react using the same social media. Info Support makes use of the advertisement possibilities of social media platforms. They show you advertisements based on the information that platform collected about you with your permission. Info Support has no influence on which information social media platforms collect about you.

Camera surveillance
All our training locations use visible and invisible cameras, both inside the builing and outside on the parking lot. The cameras are operational  24/7 to safeguard you, our colleagues and our properties.
Camera images (only video, no sound) are not actively monitored. Only in case of a (suspected) incident like theft or damage of properties, camera images are reviewed by authorized personnel. Camera images will be deleted after a period of four weeks, unless an incident is captured and there is a legal reason (like a police inquiry) to retain the images longer. In that case, camera images will be retained until the incident is closed..

Wi-Fi network on our locations
When visiting one of our training locations, you can make use of our free Wi-Fi.  Once you are logged in on our Wi-Fi network, data will automatically be captured, like the identification number (MAC-address) of your device. This data will be deleted after one year and will only be used in case of abuse. When illegal activities take place from within our  Wi-Fi network, we can block access of your device to our Wi-Fi network for future use.

The Knowledge Center is a department of Info Support B.V. Therefor Info Support B.V. as formal controller is responsible for the processing of your personal data for training purposes.

Privacy contact
We have a special contact in case you have privacy related questions or want to make use of your privacy rights. On request we inform you which personal data we register, provide insight in specifically your data and correct or delete that data on your request.
Please keep in mind that some privacy rights are always applicable while other rights only apply for specific situations. Implication is that sometimes we are not allowed to follow up on your request.

Data Protection Officer
We don’t treat our responsibilities lightly. We appointed a Data Protection Officer to advise us and to monitor we adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Did we miss something, or do you have a suggestion or complaint about how we treat your privacy? Please inform our DPO. Still not satisfied, or believe the way we process your personal data goes against the GDPR? You can lodge a complaint on the website of the Dutch Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.

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