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Knowledge profiles

Knowledge profiles

A knowledge profile is a description of a certain role, as it could be performed within a project (for example Developer .NET, or a Data Scientist).

In such a profile, a description of the role is given, it is indicated which knowledge and experience is necessary to be able to fill this role and it is indicated which training courses can help in acquiring this knowledge and experience. Because the specific interpretation of a role differs per organization, a specific description is usually made for an organization, or even for a department within that organization. There are several roles that can be found in one form or another in every organization.

Support by determining knowledge profiles

Teachers from the Knowledge Center can provide support when drawing up job profiles for your IT employees. This can be done at department level or at project level. In mutual consultation, it is determined which technical knowledge is necessary for a specific position, for example for a project leader, administrator, developer or an architect.

Based on this interview, a knowledge profile is drawn up on paper for each position. If desired, we complement this with an overview of training courses with which this knowledge can be acquired.